microgreens 101

A quick primer on our favorite superfood

what’s a microgreen?

Using the same seed as full-grown veggies or herbs, microgreens are grown in soil and harvested early in their growth cycle. The nutrient-dense leaves and stems are then eaten as a fresh, flavorful addition to your diet. 

Coffee Bean

potent nutrition

Microgreens pack up to 100 times more minerals and beneficial compounds than their full-grown counterparts.

Coffee Bean

year-round freshness

Because of their small footprint, microgreens are grown indoors all year round.

Coffee Bean

super supplement

More nutrients than typical grocery store veggies, and more bioavailable (able to be absorbed) than most supplements.

microgreens vs. sprouts

Microgreens are grown differently from sprouts, making them more nutritious and healthier than sprouts. Sprouts are grown in water and high humidity, making them susceptible to bacteria like salmonella, listeria and E. coli. Microgreens are grown in soil, with good airflow and light, and you eat only the leaves and stems (not roots and seeds). This provides much more nutrition than sprouts, and prevents the growth of bacteria.

how oxbow grows

 We go the extra step to maximize the benefits of our greens. We start with the best seed, grow in microbe-rich compost, and use organic fertilizers.

Our subscribers receive their greens the day of harvest, and can expect them to last 6-8 days (or longer) when stored properly. 

Oxbow Health Mixes are formulated using the latest research in food science, and are targeted at many common health concerns.



health mixes


A few of our top-rated varieties



Red Cabbage



Our Story

Hi, we’re Andrew & Jen! Our path has meandered far and wide…hence the name Oxbow. After living out West for a number of years we came home to the Ozarks and embraced this beautiful land.

With two young girls, and one on the way, we focus on sneaking lots of nutrition into tasty meals and snacks. We missed having fresh, organic greens, so decided to grow our own and offer them to our neighbors!